On 7 December 2009, Monday, the Right to Know. Right Now! Campaign will hold a multisectoral march/rally to appeal to the Senate to make good its commitment to pass the Freedom of Information Act.

Looking at the Senate’s legislative calendar, we see that the session days on December 7, 8 and 9 represent the last clear chance for SB 3308 to hurdle approval on second reading. This leaves just enough time for the bill’s approval on third reading and nomination by The Senate of its conferees to the bicameral conference committee in the following week.

While we have reached a make or break point for the Freedom of Information Act, we are not losing hope. If our Senators will only will it, and be true to the trust of serving the people with utmost responsibility and efficiency, the bill can be passed.

Let us make it difficult for our Senators to kill SB 3308. Join us as we march to the Senate on 7 December. We assemble at 12 noon at the Manila Film Center, CCP Complex.