AER was present in all major FOI-related congressional activities, serving as resource person and representative of the R2KRN Coalition.

In the Senate, it was present during the two committee hearings (September 19 and 29).. AER documented and helped organize and mobilize contingents for these events. Last October 19, the bill was sponsored in the senate plenary where members of the R2KRN were present as well.


R2KRN Members with Sen.Grace Poe during the FOI Bill’s sponsorship in the plenary session

In the House of Representatives, AER attended the Committee on Public Information Meet and Greet (September 11), and represented the R2KRN and/or served as resource person during the first committee hearings and TWG meetings (October 11 and November 16). Last February 15, the bills was approvedĀ in the committee level. It is currently in the House Committee on Appropriations.


Atty. Eirene Aguila and Ms. Joy Chavez of R2KRN serving as resource speakers in one of the house committee hearings

It is noteworthy that the bills moving in both the Senate and the HoR follow our previous filings. The HoR version is particularly encouraging as it followed R2KRN suggestions to reorganize the flow, and it read better after style editing. In both Houses, no right of reply bill or rider was filed.