Buencamino is a fellow of Action for Economic Reforms. This piece was first published in Interaksyon.com on August 24, 2011.


“I started throwing a curve ball younger than a lot of people, so mine has kind of developed a lot more.” ~ Chris Smith


Act One ended with Mike telling Archie of Lionair that Rowena, the LTA bookkeeper, is the real owner of the Robinson Raven helicopters .

In Act Two, Mike’s younger brother, Iggy, issues a statement from London claiming that the Ravens belong to Lionair. Iggy’s lawyer, document specialist Andresito, produces an aircraft lease agreement between LTA and Lionair.

(At the LTA Building in Makati, Mike is in a meeting with his replacement lawyer, Atty. Toto.)

“Sir, your brother just issued a statement claiming he leased those six Ravens from Lionair…”

“Que bueno!

“… unfortunately your defense is based on the fact that there are no documents linking you to the choppers.”

“Does Iggy’s statement contradict that?”

“No sir”

“Then I’m in the clear.”

“Yes, but Iggy will have some explaining to do.”

“How can he testify when he is in London undergoing repairs on his liver?”

“Iggy will have to come back eventually and when he does the Senate will invite him…”

“He’s a congressman…he can always claim inter-parliamentary courtesy, right?”

“Sir, inter-parliamentary courtesy is not an immunity. ”

(Mike mutters to himself) “Coño, whatever happened to honor among thieves?”

Ano poh, sir?

“Nada. Basta I want to sue that Tsinoy Archie for making false statements against me … use Iggy’s contract to prove it.”

“Sir, there are many discrepancies with the notarized contract that Atty. Andresito produced.”

“The notary already certified that there were several typographical errors involving dates.”

“But, sir, Rowena’s Senate testimony raises other questions about the contract.”


“Sir, she testified that she only stopped making lease payments to Lionair last May 2011 although the lease expired way back in 2004. She also admitted remitting $500,000 to Robinson as down payment for the purchase of the Ravens. We have to explain that.”

“Why do we have to explain anything? I had no involvement with LTA when all those things were said to have occurred. I sold all my shares in LTA in 2001 and didn’t buy them back until 2010.”

“But Lionair’s bill collector testified that she saw you several times in LTA when she went to collect payments from Rowena…”

“Did she claim that I knew what business it was that she was transacting with Rowena?

“No sir. But she said you saw her receive and count money.”

“So what? By the way, did Rowena implicate me in anything?”

“No sir. She was very careful. All she said was that she would call Iggy when bills were due and he would bring the cash. She said she did not ask …”

Eh yun naman pala. So it’s clear that only Iggy and Rowena knew what was going on.”

“Yes sir.”

“And Rowena said all the transactions were off the company’s books?”

“Yes sir.”


“Yes sir…you’re in the clear. Will that be all, sir?”

“NO, OF COURSE NOT! Call Iggy! He owes me an explanation, coño!”


“CALL HIM! Tell him I want to know why was he was making payments until last May for a lease that expired in May 2004…why he asked LTA to make a $500,000 down payment to Robinson if he was not going to buy anything from them… where did all that money go? PUÑETA!”

(Atty. Ferrer is on the phone with  Iggy)

“Hello, sir Iggy? Epgee would like to talk you …Opo, galit na galit poh…”

“Is that Iggy on the line?”

“Yes sir.”


“Sir, sorry daw but he can’t talk to you right now… due to his serious medical ailment his doctors ordered him to avoid stressful situations.”