New int’l study: sin tax-style cooperation among health and economic policymakers promises major strides for Philippine tobacco control

Press Release—Action for Economic Reforms— 10 May 201 (For the report’s executive summary: The Political Economy of Tobacco Control in the Philippines – Executive Summary For the entire report: The Political Economy of Tobacco Control in the Philippines) The Philippines’ Sin Tax Law— not just one of the most important tax reforms of the past […]

Sin Tax Law was ‘key driver’ for 2013 PH investment upgrades

Press Release—Action for Economic Reforms— 27 March 2014 Higher sin taxes: not just a win for health and public finance, but for the economy in general. On the one-year anniversary of Fitch’s awarding of ‘investment grade’ status to the Philippines in March 27, 2013, champions and advocates of the sin tax law affirmed the key […]

Sin Tax Law Reduced Smoking Consumption in 2013— Health, Medical Coalition

A Joint Press Statement by 24 Health, Medical and Youth Organizations March 17, 2014 We, the civil society coalition that supported the passage of the Sin Tax Law (R.A. 10351), wish to supplement and reinforce the statement of Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Enrique Ona regarding the law’s health impact. In a Congressional Oversight Committee […]

Kill Bill!

Kill Bill is the name of a film with two parts directed by the multi-awarded, creative and unconventional director, Quentin Tarantino. The film is about revenge, bloody but just. The Bride or Black Mamba (Uma Thurman), after surviving a massacre, she being the target,...

Bantay Bicam

The protracted process to pass the sin tax bill is about to end, with the reformers emerging victorious. The bicameral conference on the sin tax has had a couple of meetings to reconcile the House and Senate versions. The contentious issues revolve around the...

Are Sin Taxes Sinful?: A Policy Paper on Philippine Sin Taxes

The year 2011 did not bode well for the Philippines. Growth was sluggish as a result of underspending. The government now needs to pump prime the economy, which requires more revenue sources other than plugging the leaks. The policy recommendation is to adopt a higher yet uniform specific tax rate with indexation to inflation and removal of the price classification freeze. Despite possible objections and drawbacks, there are policy features that can address these issues. In summary, this policy paper aims to illustrate the necessity of reforming the sin tax system in the Philippines, for the economic survival and future growth of the country. Indeed, taxing sin is no sin at all.

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