Food security and rapid rural growth are important goals for any
administration. What makes the critical difference for success is
focused attention on a few, key, fundamental elements of sector
governance. Such focus enables effective implementation and real
progress in the realization of sector objectives in the context of
limited resources and overwhelming expectations.

Outlined in this paper is a strategy whose successful implementation
promises to secure not only adequate, cheaper food supplies, increased
rural employment and incomes and reduced poverty for all, but also
rapid and sustainable advances in urban and economy-wide growth. Food
security means ensuring that food is affordable for all households
particularly the poor urban and rural households – that household
incomes are sufficient to purchase adequate food at reasonable prices.
Rapid, sustainable, and equitable growth is a necessary condition for
the attainment of food security and alleviation of poverty since the
majority of the poor are in the rural areas and their major means of
livelihood depend directly on agriculture-related economic activities.

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