On July 28, 2016, AER and other R2KRN representatives attended the Turnover Ceremony of the FOI Executive Order in Malacañang Palace. Members of the Right to Know Right Now Coalition were given a copy of a signed Executive Order during the event. A video of the turnover ceremony is available here:

The coalition issued the statement “Breathing Life into Peoples’ FOI”, welcoming the EO as a big step towards realizing the peoples’ right to information, enumerating the remaining work to be done, and posing a challenge to Congress to be equally responsive and finally pass an FOI Law. The statement is available here.

The coalition attended the FOI Manual Rollout on November 25, 2016 in Malacañang Palace, marking the start of the full implementation of the FOI EO and the launch of the e-FOI website of the PCOO. With AER were Atty. Eirene Jhone Aguila/ANGKOP, Ms. Annie Geron/PSLink, and a staff of PCIJ. R2KRN was the only civil society formation invited to the event.

A copy of the FOI EO can be accessed through this link: FOI Executive Order