Buencamino writes political commentary for Action for Economic Reforms.  This article was published in Business Mirror, June 14, 2006 edition, p. A6.

In this newly purloined page from the Queen’s diary, the Queen of the Enchanted Kingdom is feeling the effects of over-celebrating her latest triumph and lets some thoughts better left concealed, slip.

“Dear Diary,

I’m celebrating another victory over the Senate. I tricked them into giving me P900 billion instead of the P60 billion I requested. I know one should be magnanimous in victory but that’s not my character. I’m going to abolish the Senate. They’ve embarrassed me enough.

I don’t care who accuses me of plotting a lifetime dictatorship. I’ve gone on the air to tell the people, ‘I am staying on as the President until 2010, and not a day longer’  and I swear, on Rizal’s grave, I will stay only until 2010 and not a day longer.

It doesn’t matter what the opposition says about my martial law contingency plan, ‘Oplan Sigaw ng Bayan’ . They can’t stop it.  ‘Sigaw’ may be just a singaw but it’s my singaw. And my ace.

I picked the right man, Raul Lambino, to lead it. I chose Lambino over Jose Abueva because he is not as dumb as he looks. Besides, Abueva is not as smart as he looks. Appearances can really deceive, and oh, I just love this deception game.

Look at what Lambino did to lend credibility to my signature campaign. He claimed his website was visited by more than nine million people on its first three weeks. Predictably, the opposition cited experts who said he was lying so he presented experts who said he was not. At day’s end, how many people actually understood the technical debate on site meters and hits? As I said, he’s not as dumb as he looks.

By the way, I have to thank Bel Cunanan for starting the controversy about Sigaw’s website. If I get a chance, I’m going to ask the Pope to bless a rosary for her. If not, then Bert Gonzales can always send her one blessed by his confessor, Fr. Romeo Intengan.

Going back to Lambino, I must remind him not to jump the gun. His threat—‘If we suppress their  effort (people’s initiative) they might resort to extra-constitutional ways to attain their political objective’ —was premature.  There’s supposed to be a gradual build-up to a staged uprising. Remember it took me a full year of preparations to choreograph the one against Estrada.

Lambino has to wait for Joe de Venecia to play out his hand. Our stenographers in the press need time to write about the growing impatience of the ‘singaw’ masses. Civil society still has to rig more polls and run more ads to further the appearance of restiveness. Lambino’s ‘sariling-sikap’ poll did nothing to convince or excite anybody but himself. Well, I said he’s not as dumb as he looks but I never said he was smart.

The ‘suppression of the people’s initiative’ because of Senate investigations and obstruction, and the coming impeachment proceedings will lead to a singaw uprising. And I will be forced to declare martial law. To uphold the rule of law and to save the country, as it were.

I have no doubt the AFP and PNP leadership will back me up. I don’t need to replay the Garci tapes or talk about jueteng pay-offs to remind them what awaits some of us if we don’t stick together. They know very well there’s no jail in this country big enough to accommodate all of us.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘I am here now because that is the plan of God for me and for us.’  I will be the Queen of the Enchanted Kingdom. I will rule by decree. That’s the way it was meant to be.

Let’s just move on and prepare for my official coronation na nga.

June 14, 2004”