Comments on the Draft Bicam Report of the Electric Power Bill

Upon presentation by the Action for Economic Reforms (AER) of its
position paper during the 16 February 2001 public consultative hearing
conducted by the Bicameral Conference Committee on the proposed
Electric Power Industry Reform Act, the Honorable John H. Osmena,
Chairman of the Senate Panel of the Bicameral Conference Committee on the Power Bill, requested AER to submit its proposed specific
amendments to the bill following the issues that it raised. In response
to this request, the AER submits this updated version of the position
paper, with the section spelling out its proposed specific amendments
to the bill presently under consideration by the Committee.

Restructuring Korean Economy After the IMF Crisis

This paper examines the current state of corporate and financial sector restructuring in Korea, primarily focused on their debt workout programs. The paper raises the following major issues. Since the IMF crisis, foreign capital has been advancing rapidly into the domestic market- into the domestic financial industry, including non-bank sectors such as securities firms. Negative […]

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Capital Flows

The Asian financial crisis that exploded in 1997 exposed serious flaws in the marketdominated economic and fiscal policies pursued by governments and international financial institutions (IFIs) in the era of economic liberalization. The massive flight of capital, which deepened the crisis in the affected economies, made it apparent that mechanisms to regulate short-term capital flows […]

Financing Education: Trends and Prospects

The paper presents an analysis of public expenditure patterns over the last four decades, showing how changing priorities of different administrations impact heavily on education spending. While allocation for education has grown tremendously over the years, real per capita spending has actually stagnated.