This time we speak from our heart and soul, and we do so very sadly. Recent revelations–the jueteng scandal– give us no choice but to ask you, President Estrada, to resign and save the country, the people from further harm. In the minds and hearts of the people, you have lost the credibility and the moral ascendancy to lead us.

Malacañang has insisted that the constitutional process be respected.  We remind Malacañang that the Constitution recognizes that the position of Chief Executive may be vacated through resignation. Public trust has been betrayed. Chavit Singson’s disclosures, which strike at the very heart of the President’s fitness to lead the country, need no incontrovertible legal proof for Mr. Estrada to resign.

The people are just too stunned and shocked at the never-ending mistakes of this government and your lack of leadership. They simply cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel with you at the helm, and they are tired, depressed–and desperate for a change.

Our economy is being shot, and it looks like it will not recover unless people, from within the country and internationally, regain their confidence in the country. And that is not about to happen–if you insist on staying in power.

The people have given you enough opportunity to prove your detractors
wrong, to change your course, to prove that you can actually lead us. They have hoped in vain to see an improvement in your governance style and substance. With this latest scandal, we think you have lost that chance, and there is no way that you can recover the people’s trust, no matter what you say or do.

And so, we ask you once again–please resign for the sake of the country. Please do this now, while the country is in a relatively peaceful mood, before angrier or more violent voices take the upper hand. If you wait until it is too late–then Heaven help us all.