Buencamino writes political commentary for Action for Economic Reforms. This article was published in Business Mirror November 14, 2007 edition, p. A10

“I am furious at hypocrites, those who pretend to be someone they are not.” – Juan Ponce Enrile

Dear Senator Enrile,

I saw you on ANC’s “Morning Show” telling Ricky Carandang, “I don’t make ‘bola’, I don’t tell lies.”

But if only I had forgotten that you staged a fake ambush on yourself in 1972 and lied about it for 14 years…

I also read your reply to Speaker De Venecia’s charge that you‘re engaged in destructive politics.

“Ako engaged in destructive politics? You talk about morality, you’re not entitled to talk about morality,” you said.

But if only I had forgotten you vanished right after you agitated the crowd in EDSA 3…

You can deny you revived Northrail to derail the ZTE probe and Gloria Arroyo can distance herself from you but so what?

Track records don’t lie.  Besides, your timing is atrocious. And damning.

You pulled Northrail out of your rear just when Joey De Venecia’s ZTE testimony was starting to cause serious problems for Gloria Arroyo.

You suddenly recalled to reporters that in 2005, Speaker De Venecia “pleaded with me not to rock the boat in the case of Northrail because according to him it was good for the country. He did not tell me to back off—he cannot say that to me. “

That recollection raises serious questions:

Did the Speaker wag his finger two inches from your face and scream “DON’T ROCK THE BOAT!” or was he on his knees begging? Are you familiar with the song, ”you say toe-may-toe, I say toh-mah-toh”?

Was it you who mixed metaphors—rock the boat/railroad deal—or was it the Speaker? Mixing metaphors is a capital crime, you know.

But seriously, you suspected the Speaker had more than just national interest in mind and yet there was nary a peep from you when the Senate looked into Northrail two years ago.


“I had not gone into the evidence because his name did not appear in the contract, although I was shown a photograph supposedly involving an agent of the Chinese company that was supposed to do the job, William Go, with the Chinese ambassador,” you said.

Sus ginoo, all you had was a photograph. Do you have anything now?

“I know more things about him (De Venecia), especially since 1995,” you said.

Why are you moving the ZTE case further and further away from Gloria?  All the clues point to her and yet you’re going after someone else in a different case.

You say it’s because, “It is very relevant to the NBN project in as much as the two may show a pattern of interference in government projects by the Speaker’s office.”

You say it’s because, “When your son is angling for a government project and you call to meet government officials who hold the power to award that project, there surely is something wrong going on.”

You’re an old-timer, Sherlock.  You know Gloria is the only person who can award projects the size of Northrail and NBN. You know she’s the only one who can wield that mighty moneymaking pen. No one else can approve contracts that large. Do you think De Venecia forged Gloria’s signature on Northrail?

Anyway, I’m still glad you suddenly acquired distaste for corruption because I, like everyone else, want ALL the crooks behind ZTE and Northrail thrown in prison.

But something is bothering me…

Will you go all the way, will you not back off no matter where the money trail ends and who gets hurt?

Somehow, because of the bravado you displayed in EDSA3, I’m afraid you might cut and run again, especially if Gloria shows she’s going to put up a fierce fight.

Worse, I’m afraid you might suddenly turn into Romy Neri, eager to finger another man but afraid to touch a woman.

Will De Venecia become your Abalos?

You can erase all our doubts if you show us you have hair on your chest.

Prove yourself in the next ZTE hearing; pursue the leads furnished by Joey De Venecia, Romy Neri, and Jarius Bondoc; tear down the stonewall built by Malacañang. Do it even if you know you will end up touching a woman.

Surprise us, Senator. Give us heads on a platter instead of showering us with spit, venom, and mixed metaphors.

No hugs and kisses yet,