Action for Economic Reforms (AER) will be launching “Philippine Democracy Assessment: Rule of Law and Access to Justice” on 10 November 2010 (10 am to 12 noon) at the Case Room of the UP National College of Public Administration, UP Diliman Campus. Edna E.A. Co (Professor and Dean at UP National College of Public Administration,) Nepomuceno Malaluan (AER), Marlon Manuel (Alternative Law Groups), Arthur Neame, and Miguel Musngi co-authored this work.

“Rule of Law and Access to Justice” is the fourth in a series of evaluations of democracy building in the Philippines. Previous works dealt with free and fair elections and the role of political parties; corruption and the ways of minimizing it; and economic and social rights. These studies were done as part of the Democracy Assessment Project, an international effort to assess the performance of different countries in promoting rights and popular participation in public affairs.

We hope that you can join us. For confirmation and queries, please contact William Alamin or Chalo Garcia of AER. They can be reached at 426 5626 or