Joint statement of the Makati Business Club, Management Association of the Philippines, Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines, Action for Economic Reforms and the Foundation for Economic Freedom

We are appalled at the indecency and blatant disregard of the
Filipino people’s will displayed by the House of Representatives in its
adoption of House Resolution No. 1109 that allows itself to convene as
a constituent assembly to amend the Constitution, without the necessary
participation of the Senate.

The question all Filipinos should ask is: For whose interest was
this action taken? Certainly not the Filipino people’s, as there is no
widespread clamor to amend the Constitution, especially now that we are
less than a year away from a presidential election. The resolution
contains no issue of profound impact to the people’s welfare.

By this action of pro-Administration congresspersons, any remaining
doubts about the determination of the Arroyo Administration and its
allies in the House to manipulate our democratic processes and
institutions to prolong their hold on power have been erased.

Malacañang insists elections will be held as scheduled in 2010. But
unless its avowals are backed by President Arroyo’s clear and
unequivocal rejection of her Congressional allies’ maneuverings and an
explicit commitment that presidential elections will be held next year,
Malacañang’s declarations amount to nothing but more subterfuge and
double talk.

If and when the House is challenged for the legality of its
actions, we call on the Supreme Court to strike down as
unconstitutional the results of a constituent assembly that will not
have included the Senate in its deliberations.

The election we look forward to in 2010 is an election for a new
President and Congress that will restore the people’s confidence in the
government. We call on the Filipino people to vigorously fight and
reject this diabolical effort to destroy our democracy!