Industrial Policy Team

The AER Industrial Policy Team aims to contribute to the development of a policy agenda to address weaknesses in the country’s industrial outcomes. The objective of this initiative is to present an accurate and comprehensive picture of the state of industry and employment in the country, and what this means for people’s lives and future challenges.

What we do

Core Program

Through basic research and analysis, roundtable discussions and key informant interviews, the AER IP Team seeks to test specific ideas on industrial policy and gauge various groups’ openness to them.

Localizing Industrial Development Planning

Eastern Visayas is now the focus of much of the post-Yolanda rehabilitation efforts, with billions of pesos to be funneled into the region for rebuilding infrastructure and reviving growth. The ground is rife for the introduction of different strategies to facilitate sustainability and draw strengths from these various interventions.

Latest from the Blog

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Industrial Policy –Hallelujah!

By Rene Ofreneo - December 13, 2018 Neoliberal economists, who worship in the altar of free trade, love  to make  theoretical  constructs on the  basis  of  assumptions under an imagined  world  of  perfect competition. But...