Localizing Industrial Development Planning

Eastern Visayas is now the focus of much of the post-Yolanda rehabilitation efforts, with billions of pesos to be funneled into the region for rebuilding infrastructure and reviving growth. The ground is rife for the introduction of different strategies to facilitate sustainability and draw strengths from these various interventions. The AER IP Team, in partnership with Christian Aid Philippines, is currently integrating local considerations and realities in its industrial policy work. The Team is extending its work to pilot municipal areas that were devastated by Typhoon Yolanda, specifically in Salcedo, Eastern Samar and Tolosa, Leyte. The two municipalities endured vast devastation in their agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture resources after Typhoon Yolanda. While they have been the target of both national and international relief effort, a greater challenge remains in the rehabilitation and rebuilding process. LGU officials and planners in Salcedo and Tolosa are the main participants. The project will link them to representatives of provincial/regional/national agencies, national and international development partners, and relevant universities and research institutions. In partnership with the local participants and partners, the project seeks to help both municipalities design their recovery and reconstruction efforts so that they are not merely restored to previous states, but are capacitated and empowered to emerge stronger from them.

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