The Philippines is touted to be one of a few genuine democracies in
East Asia. However, its political and governance system must be able to
initiate major reforms in the next few years to meet the challenges of
a rapidly changing world. National governance in the Philippines is
still constrained by a variety of issues. These include:

  • Weak and Unpredictable Regulatory Environment
  • Policy Incoherence, Flip-flops and Gridlock
  • Particularism and Patronage Politics
  • Weak Law Enforcement and Slow administration of Justice
  • Inadequate Organizational and Technical Capacity of the Bureaucracy.

At the local level, key governance issues include:

  • Decentralization and Devolution in 1991
  • The Limits of Local Autonomy
  • Executive Supervision and Legislative Control
  • Inter-local Government Cooperation
  • The Inequity of the Internal Revenue Allotment Share
  • Fiscal Flaws
  • Unfunded Mandates

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