Buencamino is a fellow of Action for Economic Reforms. This piece was published in the November 5, 2008 edition of the Business Mirror, page A6.

He has been poked, scoped, and scanned, but he has not been probed. He’s had every orifice in his body examined but his role as an appendage of Gloria Arroyo remains off-limits to prying eyes.

Jocelyn Bolante is suffering from “multiple gastric ulcers, esophagitis and erosive gastritis” but those medical problems are not enough to excuse him from appearing before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.

A scheduled coronary angiogram, if it discovers some kind of grave arterial blockage, may be his only chance to avoid spilling the bloody truth on the Senate floor because nothing short of a life threatening condition will save Jocelyn from  sitting for hours before Senate inquisitors, nothing except hemorrhoids. That, for obvious reasons, is an excuse he can use to remain standing, fighting for his constitutional right against self-sodomy.

Preparation H, short for the habeas corpus petition filed before the Court of Appeals by Jocelyn’s son, is the rear guard to the TRO filed before the Supreme Court. It will provide relief if it’s granted but, unfortunately, it won’t cure anything. The only remedy for Jocelyn is to purge himself before the Senate.

“Itong order of arrest na ito at yung contempt mawawala na once mag-testify siya at mag-cooperate siya sa Senado  So the easiest way for him to rid himself of the contempt order and the order of arrest is to testify,” said Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, chairman of the Senate blue ribbon committee.

I don’t understand why Jocelyn refuses to clear himself before the Senate. The Blue Ribbon investigation is the best forum available. It’s the place that will give him a chance to face his accusers, to rebut their allegations, in full view of millions who will be watching the live coverage of the procedure.

Why would anybody prefer the Ombudsman’s sala to the Senate floor? Has Jocelyn been so out of touch he does not know that to be cleared by Ombudsman Gutierrez is not recommended for people who really didn’t do anything wrong because it might create the opposite impression?

Jocelyn’s testimony, in addition to putting to rest any doubts about his honesty and integrity, will help the country weather the coming recession. The truth about the fertilizer scam will silence divisive voices that have been creating havoc throughout our enchanted land.  It will lend credibility to the chairman emeritus of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) who said, “we cannot accept and will never accept” the seditious proposal of Archbishop Angel Lagdameo to prepare a new government now.

The PCCI chairman speaks for enlightened Filipinos who love their country, the Enchanted Kingdom. They are happy with a saintly queen who has absolutely nothing corrupt about her.

Jocelyn’s testimony will be timely reminder to the Filipino that they remain safe in their queen’s clean hands.

I’m sure Jocelyn will make liars out of those who say that the Gintong Masaganang Ani program was nothing but a scam that bought an election while enriching a few scoundrels at the expense of hardworking farmers. Everybody knows Gloria Arroyo will never tolerate crooks. She appointed a friend of her philanthropist husband to run Gintong Masaganang Ani, didn’t she?