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New int’l study: sin tax-style cooperation among health and economic policymakers promises major strides for Philippine tobacco control

Press Release—Action for Economic Reforms— 10 May 201 (For the report’s executive summary: The Political Economy of Tobacco Control in the Philippines – Executive Summary For the entire report: The Political Economy of Tobacco Control in the Philippines) The Philippines’ Sin Tax Law— not just one of the most important tax reforms of the past […]

Philippine Institutions: Growth and Prosperity for All

To quote the Harvard economist Dani Rodrik, “institutions rule.” The evidence is overwhelming that the quality of institutions predicts long-term growth and prosperity. The rebuilding of institutions is critical to the task of administration of Benigno Aquino III. The commitment of President Aquino to fight corruption and promote good governance is essentially a question of […]

The State and the Market: Essays on a Socially Oriented Philippine Economy

This book focuses on the features and possible outcome of a socially oriented economy on the basis of concrete realities. Its main themes revolve around the reconciliation of the state and the market, of globalization and nationalism; the sustainability of growth via sound macroeconomic management; the sharp reduction of poverty through per capita income growth […]

State Intervention in the Rice Sector in Selected Countries: Implication for the Philippines

Rice is vital to the Philippine economy.  The Philippine rice sector, however, is plagued  with a multitude of structural, institutional, environmental and socio-economic problems.  The challenge that the Philippine government continues to face is how to achieve rice self-sufficiency at the soonest possible time while ensuring the welfare of the millions of rice farmers and […]

The Philippine Electric Power Industry Reform

This paper looks at the privatization process of the Philippine electric power industry.  It outlines the developments in the law governing the industry, with emphasis on the measures that steered privatization.  It provides an overview of the role that the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank played in pushing privatization.  It argues that the […]