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Agrarian Reform and Rural Development – Mapping the Terrain

The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program/CARP of the Philippine Govern ment commenced in 1988, with the objective of providing security of tenure on land for small farmers and also of providing support services to its beneficiaries in such forms as capital, marketing support and infra structure in order to improve both productivity and from farming. Funding for CARP is set to terminate in June 2008, the 20th anniversary of the program, yet the objectives have only been partly met.

Communal action must target Gloria

In “Guidelines for Communal Discernment and Action to Address the National Crisis,” prepared by the Jesuit Philippine Province’ s Commission on the Social Apostolate, my Jesuit mentors put forth a coherent and well-argued position on the national situation.

Jesuitic Placebo

The Jesuits have a reputation of being Church renegades. We recall, for example, the defining leadership of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J.— he who irritated the Vatican because of his critical independent views.

Such reputation has made some expect that the Jesuits of the Philippine province would veer away from the timid and equivocal position of the bishops regarding the crisis.

The Cyber Education Project

Cyber Education is a good idea, but the cost seems too much and the fear of corruption is still present. Because of controversies in government projects, the government has lost the trust of the people and they should work hard to gain it back to get support for projects like Cyber Ed.

My Parents’ Child

A couple of weeks ago, my question of the day for my Psychology 101 classes was “What do you admire most about your parents?” I was unexpectedly touched by my students’ answers, especially those mentioning how patient and loving their parents are to them, how sweet they are to each other, and how strong their marital bond is. I realized that I cherished such answers precisely because I haven’t experienced them myself: my parents were never my main support group nor my cheerleaders nor my biggest fans. Their marriage was no walk in the park either. In fact, even if theirs was an enduring love and partnership, it was wrought with complications and drama (including tense, almost surreal, family meetings).