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How we can avoid brownouts this summer without spending P450 million

The government is preparing for a 2015 power crisis. This crisis, according to the testimony of Department of Energy Assistant Director Irma Exconde before Congress last October 2014, is basically a 31-megawatt shortfall in supply for around two critical weeks in April. The government’s solution is the Interruptible Load Program (ILP), which will subsidize the expenses of large companies who have their own generators, if these have to be run due to impending brownouts.

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Miriam Sends Hell Into a Crisis

A Catholic priest accidentally sent a residential area of Afterlife reeling in fear and confusion when he consigned a Philippine senator to Hell for publicly insulting prosecutors in the impeachment of the country’s top jurist.

Father Catalino Arevalo declared in a homily that Sen. Miriam Santiago deserved “the fires of Hell” for calling prosecutors fools for their mishandling of their accusations. The priest’s pronouncement immediately sent shivers to residents of the Hellfire and Brimstone neighborhoods of Hell.

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Unimpeachable Loves

As the endorphin fades from our post-Valentine daze, think for a moment of the broken-hearted. In Zagreb, Croatia they can go to the Museum of Broken Relationships and find consolation in familiar objects, various artifacts of regret. A torn wedding dress perhaps, a broken ceramic hurled at a moment of bitter reproach, or discarded gifts that once held the promise of indelible affection.

Or they can come see me. Woohoo! Have I got some artifacts of heartache right here myself.

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Republican Gladiators

If you haven’t been following the Republican presidential primaries, you’re missing a fascinating distraction from the sluggish impeachment of Ate Glo’s midnight-appointed corony in the Philippine Supreme Court.

What started out as a clumsy free-for-all among half-a-dozen GOP presidential aspirants has devolved into a bare-knuckle duel between two frontrunners, who are pounding each other with ever-increasing ferocity. There’s blood, and no one’s crying “No mas” (not even for the sake of Latino outreach).

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Great Escapes for the Frantic Traveler

Whether you’re looking for a break from a 9 to 5 job, or thinking of going away for a long, long time but not to prison, is just a click away. We’re the go-to site for the traveler who’s in a big hurry to leave and money is no object. has the best deals, the biggest extras and the quickest getaways for the traveler with very special needs. When it comes to avoiding inconveniences or ignoring limitations, can be cited for contempt.

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Gloria’s Health: A Critical Diagnosis


SAN FRANCISCO–Good evening, folks. Welcome once again to ABS-CBN International’s “WHAT’S MY ILLNESS?” I’m your host, Telly Genio [APPLAUSE] .

Welcome, welcome to the show where we talk about the ailments of people who are better than us. We invite experts to examine the diseases of the rich and famous.

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Of failed states and sub-states, of ATS and other spaces

The current discourse, especially from some senators of the Republic and newspaper columnists, on the fall-out from the “casus belli” that was the 18 October 2011 Al-Barka, Basilan incident, where Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels killed more than 20 Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) soldiers, has reached the relatively high plane of discussion about “failed states.”

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A Brief Theory of Undie Development

“UP Topnotcher Wore Red Underwear” – headline

SAN FRANCISCO–Think for a moment of that headline’s groundbreaking significance. This year’s topnotcher in the Philippine medical board exam revealed that among the rituals he observed on the day he aced the test was wearing red underwear. Presumably, either a pair of briefs or boxer shorts. The result for him was phenomenal.

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Inside the SAF Ballot-Switching Raid

SAN FRANCISCO–So you think the clandestine caper that switched election returns in favor of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was a cinch to pull off? Think again.

Sure, you say it’s just same-old-same-old election cheating, but as a Philippine Daily Inquirer report hinted, the top-secret ballot-switching job at the House of Representatives required military preparation of the highest order, one worthy of any British SAS or US Navy Seals black-ops.

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