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People are dying around them so they close their eyes

The Sin Tax, as passed by the House, faces tough opposition in the Senate. Senate President Enrile said it will be madugo. Why should it be bloody?

The bill, according to its opponents, deals primarily with revenue enhancement and only secondarily as a public health issue. And so, while people are dying from emphysema, cancer, liver cirrhosis and a whole host of ailments associated with smoking and heavy drinking, some senators will pretend that the issue at hand is fair and effective taxation and the welfare of those who depend on tobacco and alcohol for their living, not health.

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Quick takes on the last day

It was the high school graduate, Sen. Lito Lapid, who delivered the best speech on verdict day. If prosecution lawyer Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas needed only one word—Palusot—to sum up Corona’s defense, then Lapid also needed only one word to locate where judgment must come from: Konsyensya.

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