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Letter to Condoleeza Rice

Dear Sister,

I watched your testimony before the 911 Commission. All three filibustering hours of it.

The 911 victims’ families were hoping you would provide the answer to why it happened. They were hoping that you would tell them who else
could be held accountable for the tragedy, other than the perpetrators themselves. They wanted—to use pop psychology’s word du jour— closure.

Say It Loud!

I have been to the “mean streets” of Greenhills, seen the “squalor” where Greenhitlers want Muslims to pray and sensed no “danger everywhere” and witnessed no “dark plots hatched under the cover of piety.” All I saw were Muslims praying in a dingy alley. But, one can develop doubts about what he saw when he is bombarded with carefully selected information, spurious associations, exaggerations, and stereotypes of “them.”

Battle of frames

Framing is indispensable to politics. A successful candidate is someone who is able to impose his frame on the election. Bill Clinton framed the 1992 US presidential election in just four words, “It’s the economy, stupid.” The framing was so effective that it neutralized Bush completely. It fired up Clinton’s troops and rendered Bush unable to reframe the election in his favor.

The Battle of the Boobs

Hundreds of millions who watched the recent National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl halftime show saw teen idol Justin Timberlake uncover Janet Jackson’s perfectly shaped right breast, pierced with a silver starburst. It was the hottest topic on the planet. Reactions ranged from sheer delight (most of the planet) to sheer outrage to trauma. Michael Powell, chief of the Federal Communications Commission and son of White House lawn ornament Colin Powell, will launch a swift and thorough federal investigation. Not content with expressing outrage, he is going to do some serious poking into the boob affair. Terri Carlin of Knoxville, Tennessee is suing everybody involved from Janet Jackson to Viacom, the owner of MTV, CBS and MTV.

Why be afraid of Raul Roco?: A paranoid look at political ‘accidents’

You cannot make people vote for someone they do not like unless you scare them into doing so. Many people who would vote for Raul Roco (RR) say they just might vote for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) because they are scared of Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ) and associates. They say that they are only being realistic and doing the intelligent thing by voting for GMA, since RR does not have the wherewithal to defeat FPJ. However, now that the senatorial slates of both GMA and FPJ are known, can anyone still divine the difference between a GMA and an FPJ presidency? Who and what will one be keeping out of Malacanang by voting for either one of them?