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Another Layer of Fat?

Executive Order No 314 created the Presidential Commission on Values Formation. It is President Arroyo’s recognition of “the Filipino’s strong desire to see the establishment and institutionalization of just and moral governance.”…There are doubts about this new commission—whether it will work, if it’s for real, or just another bone thrown to reform-oriented groups. The only way to settle those doubts is to find out if the commission has the means to do what it’s supposed to.

The American Dilemma: Torture and the Divine Mission

Major General Antonio Taguba filed a report detailing exactly how the
military wants it. Among the many techniques favored by the military
were “1) Threatening male detainees with rape”; and 2) “sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick.”

As a result of MG Taguba’s findings, the US Congress summoned War
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and top Pentagon brass to find out “what the hell was going on.”

On the first anniversary of Saddam’s fall

Abu Ghraib, the fun palace where the group photos were taken, used to be one of Saddam Hussein’s most notorious prisons. It was famous for its torture chambers. Now, Abu Ghraib has taken on a distinctly
American character. Many of the interrogators/torturers in that prison are civilian contractors. (Civilian contractors or mercenaries are the third largest contingent in Iraq, after American and British forces.)

Hook, Line and Sinker

Ariel Sharon has just reeled in the big one. He got George W. Bush’s
unequivocal support for Israel’s position in the Palestine-Israel conflict. Soon, Arafat will be stuffed and mounted on his wailing wall.

Back in Israel, Sharon held up his catch and told his people, “The
Palestinians understand that written commitments [by Bush] are the most serious blow that they have suffered since our declaration of
independence [in 1948].”

Get Shorty

I have always suspected her of lying but I was too lazy to look for proof.

Recently, while surfing the Internet, I found that somebody had
performed a valuable public service by exposing one of the little
woman’s lies. Her name is Michelle Alba Lim and, just in case anybody
found her report incredible, she directed her readers to check out