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Notes on Sustainable Development

“Sustainable development” has quickly become a cliché. Ironically, even the people, who directly profit from the continuing destruction of the environment use the term to whitewash and perpetrate the crimes they commit against the environment and the people.

In Notes on Sustainable Development, Professor Añonuevo clarifies the definition of sustainable development, a task which must be done “for the purpose of depriving the environmental criminals and their cohorts of the right to use this term as a cloak to cover up their evil crimes and of derailing their efforts to distort the concept of sustainable development.” An emphasis is given as to what sustainable development means in the Philippine context as well as the basic principles that it espouses. Sustainable development, according to this article, requires addressing not only issues of conservation and utilization of resources but also political and structural problems. Añonuevo explains that the structural problems today (inequality among classes) is intricately connected to the ability of future generations to utilize our country’s natural resources as “[t]he second is contingent and dependent upon the first.” Read full text (in .pdf).

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