Author: Mario M. Galang

The final word on the DAP

THE DISBURSEMENT Acceleration Program (DAP) is dead, now that the Supreme Court has reaffirmed its unconstitutionality.

In particular, the Supreme Court quashed three DAP features, namely: (1) the withdrawal of unobligated allotments from implementing agencies and the declaration of such funds as savings before the end of the year; (2) the cross-border transfer of declared savings from the Executive branch to finance programs or projects of agencies outside the branch; and (3) the use of “unprogrammed funds” without the certification of the national treasurer that actual revenue collections have exceeded revenue targets.

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Citizen’s Report Card on the Sponsored Program of the National Health Insurance Program

This study assesses citizens’ access to and utilization of the Sponsored Program (SP) services of the National Health Insurance Program or popularly known as PhilHealth, as well as service quality and beneficiary satisfaction. The study revealed low levels of beneficiary knowledge, awareness, access, and usage of designated health services and benefits.

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