On 26 February 2008, a group of concerned alumni from different batches met to discuss how the Ateneo community can reach out to others and express “communal action” amidst the deepening crisis, arising from a series of scandals, the threat to the life of Jun Lozada, and other iniquities. The sentiment is that we, “men and women for others,” have to be one with our fellow Filipinos in resolving this profound crisis. What unites is our resolve to fight for truth, justice and accountability. The statement titled Ateneans Act (Ateneans for Accountability and Truth) serves as the basis of our unity and action.

This is an inclusive project. We hope this will serve as an outlet for the Ateneo alumni to participate in the search for truth, justice and accountability. We invite alumni/alumnae to join us by signing this statement and participating in other activities, including the 29 February rally in Ayala.

Please forward the statement to our classmates, fellow alumni, sons and daughters, and other concerned citizens.  And please visit the website: ww.ateneansact.net to sign the statement, post comments, make announcements, and download materials.

We, members of the Ateneo community, address this statement to our Jesuit mentors, faculty members, fellow alumni/ae and, most specially, our countrymen, to express our resolve to live up to the ideals of our beloved alma mater in serving country and people.

Formed to become men and women for others, alas, some of our brothers and sisters who have held and/or are still holding positions of influence in government and private business have allowed themselves to become tools of oppression and exploitation by those who only choose to serve themselves. Indeed, some of these fellow alumni/ae are themselves the initiators and perpetrators of these iniquities.

Where fraternal conscientization and correction in true Ignatian-Jesuit tradition should have “washed away – not moderated – the spirit of greed” in the
hearts of these “vulture-ized” members of the “eagles’ nest,” we, their brothers and sisters, can no longer observe at the sidelines. It is time for us to take action.

The nation suffers; institutions of democracy are as carcasses savaged by such vulture greed.

Today we can only look back to Ateneo’s storied, nearly 150-year, past where a Dr. Jose Rizal once attended its classrooms, imbibed valued lessons in the humanities, thence epitomized genuine humanity by living the life of a “man for others,” and by it and for it, dying a martyr for country and people. And we feel proud and blessed by his heroism. Whereas today, too, looking at present events, we, Ateneans, are associated with an aberration of humanity called “Jose Pidal”! And we are shamed by that name’s ignominy!

LUX IN DOMINO: Light in the Lord. This is our school’s motto. We grant that some of our fellow Ateneans holding office in government, according to their best lights, continue to serve in the belief that the light they hold might help mitigate the darkness cast by the incorrigibly greedy few. Alas, wittingly or unwittingly, their illumination merely acts as sporadic blinding glare for others not yet aware of the darkness that has swallowed the body politic.
Theirs is the glint of fool’s gold.

To these we quote from Mt. 6:23: “If your eyes are diseased your whole body will be in darkness. Then, if your light has become darkness, how dark will be the darkest part of you!”

To these fellow Ateneans in government, particularly in the executive branch which holds the helm of governance, we implore you: HARK BACK TO YOUR ROOTS: LUX IN DOMINO. Be one with us in humbly asking for the forgiveness of our countrymen for letting them down during their time of need – in these trying times when many of you – and us – could have been instruments of the Light, inspiring hope and serving our fellowmen…AD

Therefore, by way of fraternal correction and restitution for our collective acts of omission and commission, we humbly ask you, fellow Ateneans who
continue to help prop up this administration that is collapsing by the sheer weight of its iniquities, to resign your posts and join the ranks of the majority
of our countrymen who are SEEKING TRUTH, ACCOUNTABILITY, JUSTICE AND DECENCY in government.



Mike Alba, AB 78
Fernando Aldaba, BS 80
Al Alegre, HS 79, AB 83
Benjie Alimurung, AB 66
Lito Anzures, HS 66, Col 70
Nolo Avancena, HS 72
Germelino M. Bautista, HS 67, AB 72
Felipe Buencamino, HS 66
Lisandro Claudio, HS 03, AB 07
Eddie Dorotan, HS, 73
Billy Esposo, HS 66
Ricky Jalbuena, HS 73, BS 77
Bertie Lim, AB 70
Miguel Limjap, HS 72, AB 77
Ward Luarca, HS, 73
Jim Paredes, HS 69, AB 73
Rafael Paredes, HS 70
Leo Rialp, AB 68
Tony Romualdez, HS 72
Carlos Siguion Reyna: AB 79
Men Sta. Ana, HS 73
Skip Syling, HS 72, BS 76
Luis Unson, HS 72