Inflicting pain on the weak is the aphrodisiac of the powerful – Charles Simic

“Ambush me na naman ang ginawa ni Enrile,” said my Cordillera guru, Jobak, after he heard Enrile declare in a privilege speech, “I reiterate my motion to declare the position of Senate President vacant.”

“Be careful Master,” I cautioned him. “He might sue you for libel.”

“If he really wanted to spare the Senate “the venom which is aimed solely at me” then he could have simply submitted his irrevocable resignation, ‘di ba? Tapos na ang usapan sana! But instead of putting a gun to his head he asked his colleagues to shoot him. Ano pa ang tawag dun kung hindi ambush me please?” he explained.

“But why would he do that?” I asked.

“Because in parliament when a member makes a motion the door is open to an objection. Alam na niya yun. Para ka naman tanga,” he said before hitting my head with his rod.

Aray! But how could he be sure that his motion to declare the Senate presidency vacant would not be carried?” I asked with my arms covering my head.

Eh ikaw ba naman kung napamaskuhan ka ng mahigit na isang milyon sisipain mo ba yun nag regalo sa iyo?

I changed the subject. “Master, I do not understand why Sen. Lacson who does not even accept his pork barrel is defending Enrile and attacking his critics.”

“Are you familiar with the various committees in the Senate?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Good. Then tell me about the Senate Committee on Accounts and who chairs it,” he said.

“Committee on Accounts?”

Torpe!” Another blow to my head. “The Senate Committee on Accounts is in charge of ‘auditing and adjustment of all accounts chargeable against the funds for the expenses and activities of the Senate.’ I-google mo! Sen Lacson chairs that committee. Now do you see why Sen Lacson is so defensive?” he raised his rod again.

“Yes, Master. So that’s the end of that chapter in the annals of Senate corruption?”

“It all depends on how far those four senators are willing to go. They can still raise a lot of ethical issues if they are willing to incur the ire of their colleagues and subject themselves to scrutiny as well.”

“Do you think they will do that, Master?”

“Are you asking me if any or all four of those complaining politicians are going to pursue a scorched earth policy against their own house?”

“Yes. Will they sacrifice themselves for daang matuwid in the Senate?”

“Do leopards change their spots?”

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