In the aftermath of the passing away of Carlito Anonuevo in February 2007, then president of Action for Economic Reforms (AER), the AER management collective met on 8 May 2007 to elect a new set of executive officers.

The new set of executive officers is composed of:

{mosimage}President: Jessica Reyes Cantos

Ms. Reyes Cantos is the concurrent chief of staff of Representative Lorenzo Tanada III, lead convenor of the Rice Watch and Acrion Network (RWAN), and co-convenor of Social Watch Philippines and Fair Trade Alliance.

{mosimage}Vice-President: Cristina Morales Alikpala

Ms. Morales Alikapala is one of the youngest members  of the AER management  collective.  She is currently finishing her PhD at the University of the Philippines School of Economics.

{mosimage}Treasurer: Jenina Joy Chavez

Ms. Chavez is the director of the Philippine Programme of the Bangkok-based Focus on the Global South.

{mosimage}Corporate Secretary: Nepomuceno Malaluan

Mr. Malaluan is a co-convenor of the Access to Information Network, steering committee member of the Global Transparency Initiative and partner of  Lat Lumba Malaluan Quevedo & Lat Law Offices.