Action for Economic Reforms’ Core Programs are the following:
    1. Macroeconomic Policy with focus on fiscal issues
    2. Health Care Reforms such as Sin Taxes and Universal Health Care
    3. Freedom of Information
    4. Industrial Policy
    5. Rice Tariffication and Liberalization
    6. Monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals


How we work

AER provides timely and sharp policy positions based on a solid grasp of economic, legal and political tools of analysis. Complex economic and governance issues are scrutinized with analytical, technical and political sophistication, carefully handling finer points such as timing, sequencing, policy mix, and tradeoffs.

AER’s independence and rigor enable it to credibly engage the various branches of government, social movements, academe, media, interest groups and international institutions. The organization employs a variety of forms to influence or change policy—research and analysis, lobby and dialogue, networking and coalition building, legal action, media work, publication, and public education.