Update on the FOI Legislative Battle

AER was present in all major FOI-related congressional activities, serving as resource person and representative of the R2KRN Coalition. In the Senate, it was present during the two committee hearings (September 19 and 29).. AER documented and helped organize and mobilize contingents for these events. Last October 19, the bill was sponsored in the senate […]

FOI Practice Workshop for CSOs and Civil Servants

Organized by PCIJ and R2KRN, this August 19-20, 2016 activity discussed the findings from the first round of FOI practice, and how these can be integrated in the FOI manual; modules on how to work on the FOI manual and engage with executive departments; and planning (timelines and outputs). From the WS, different Working Groups […]

FOI in the First 100 Days: Developments and Balance of Work, A Public Forum

Held on October 7, 2016, the forum gave an update on the coalition’s work and engagement with the government preparatory to the full rollout of the FOI EO. Here is a link to the coalition’s presentation on the timeline of the FOI under Duterte’s administration: FOI in PDU30’s First 100 Days Prof. Solomon Lumba of […]

R2KRN attends Symbolic EO Turnover of the FOI

On July 28, 2016, AER and other R2KRN representatives attended the Turnover Ceremony of the FOI Executive Order in Malacañang Palace. Members of the Right to Know Right Now Coalition were given a copy of a signed Executive Order during the event. A video of the turnover ceremony is available here: The coalition issued the statement “Breathing Life into Peoples’ FOI”, welcoming […]

Congress scored for delayed passage and watered down tax reform bill

PRESS RELEASE 5 April 2017   Congress scored for delayed passage and watered down tax reform bill   Kung gusto, maraming paraan, kung ayaw, maraming dahilan. This was the statement of fiscal policy reform organizations, Action for Economic Reforms (AER) and Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF) as they warned against the undue delay and dilution […]

VP Leni supports Duterte’s tax reform

PRESS RELEASE 22 March 2017 VP Leni supports Duterte’s tax reform Vice President Leni Robredo says she supports the Duterte administration’s tax reform program, despite being criticized and being threatened by President Rodrigo Duterte’s allies led by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. In a forum in Naga City on 18 March 2017, Vice President Leni Robredo encouraged […]

Tax reform, the Vice-President, and impeachment

The comprehensive tax reform package requires multi-stakeholder and multi-partisan effort. The comprehensiveness of the reforms manifests itself in its having several packages, which cover, among other things: a) the exemption from income tax or the lowering of personal income tax rates for 99% of the population; b) the increase in the excise taxes on petroleum […]