Local Governments and Poverty Alleviation: Deprivation and Disparities

This paper examines the role of local governments in poverty alleviation. On the whole, there has been no systematic evaluation of local government performance in service delivery or poverty alleviation. Evidence of improved performance in the delivery of basic services is largely anecdotal and questions are being raised about the capacity to deliver agricultural extension, […]

The 2000 Poverty Report

This paper presents an analysis of the poverty situation in the country and the economic crisis which spared no one, and where almost everyone is worse off now than before. It then proceeds to advocate for several short-term "Doables" that can be carried over the long haul in addressing poverty. Proposed measures include: treating agriculture […]

The Folly of the Modified Gross Income Tax

Among some economists, the current joke is that they and their ilk
should be banned from seeking the presidency. One likely problem with an economist-turned-president who thinks he knows his stuff is that he would ignore advice and pursue an economic policy that does not make sense to others.

It’s the Governance, Stupid!

Time and again, it is often asserted that the policies for social and
economic development espoused in our Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) are generally sound – but it is in implementation where we fall apart. A key function of governance is the effective translation of policies and strategies embodied in the nation’s development plan into tangible actions by the various players in society, both in and out of the government. But alas, governance is precisely where the previous administration went wrong.

Do Filipinos Eat ‘Too Much’ Rice?

An anecdote often related as gospel truth about the dietary preferences of Filipinos – especially of the so-called “masses” – is that a common Filipino meal consists of a “mountain” of rice, flavored by a bit of soup or viand. This observation then leads to a conclusion that “Filipinos eat too much rice.” A further conclusion is then hazarded – that: “If only Filipinos ate less rice, then we won’t have to worry about imports!”

Sustainability of the Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services Program in Mindanao

This paper presents an evaluation of the sustainability of the CIDSS in Mindanao and recommendations for its continued implementation in the island region. The paper briefly discusses the armed conflict situation and the related issue of cultural disparities, although it does not elaborate on the causes of the conflict and its impact on the situation […]

Integration of the Madrasah System of Education Into the Philippine Educational System

The paper aims to present the state of the madrasah system of education in Mindanao, the problems in mainstreaming the system and recommendations for its recognition. It strongly recommended the integration of the madrasah system into the Philippine educational system. It called for the accreditation of existing madaris; the development of a reconciliatory curriculum; adequate […]