PHOTOS and PRESENTATIONS: Industrial Policy, Climate Change and Energy: Charting a Sustainable Future

The forum Industrial Policy, Climate Change and Energy: Charting a Sustainable Future is an introductory dialogue among different stakeholders, with the end view of strategizing towards longer-term engagement. It aimed to identify specific research, advocacy and policy issues that can be pursued, together or separately, by the participants. At the minimum, it strived for deeper understanding of the different frameworks of advocacy, action and policy, as well as identify common concerns or directions on the following themes: the climate and energy imperatives of industrial policy; the Philippines energy roadmap and its responsiveness to industrial development; successful renewable energy initiatives that support broad industrial policy objectives and foster just transition; and policy coordination and cohesion. There were two panels, each with three speakers and a moderator. A short synthesis was given at the end of each panel. It was held last December 6, 2016 at the UP College of Engineering Theater, UP Diliman. This event was organized by the Action for Economic Reforms – Industrial Policy Team (AER IP Team) in partnership with the Engineering Research and Development Team (ERDT).


You may listen to the Opening Remarks of the forum through the link below:


You may download the program and presentations from the event here:


DOE on Charting a Sustainable Future 02

ERDT R&D for Forum w AER

ERDT – AER Energy Engineering Graduate Program 6 Dec 2016

161206 UP Panel Discussion


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