Philippine Industry and Employment: A Snapshot

The Philippine economy posted an impressive 7.1% growth in the third quarter of 2012, hailed as the fastest in the Southeast Asia region. Robust economic performance revives ordinary people’s interest in the country’s economic structure. This interest comes alongside various government initiatives on industrial policy, particularly those that seek to revitalize the country’s manufacturing sector. […]

Institutional Issues Concerning Industrial Policy for the Philippines: Learning from Other Countries

Mainstream economics had emphasized the need for macroeconomic stability, good governance (in general) and good investment climate (in general) to achieve economic development. This is precisely the strategy of the current administration in the Philippines in achieving its current high growth rate and investment upgrading. There is a roadmap being developed for the manufacturing sector […]

Philippine Trade Liberalization: Faith Damns, Losers Can Only Weep

Through successive tariff reform programs, the Philippines pursued a trade policy anchored on unilateral and deepening liberalization across all products. In 1981, as part of the country’s structural adjustment program, the country commenced a tariff reform program that called for the narrowing of the tariff band from its 10 percent to 100 percent to a […]