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Gaps in the ILO -DOLE decent work programming

By Rene Ofreneo – January 24, 2019 The  Manila  Office  of the  International  Labor  Organization  (ILO)  and the  Department of Labor and  Employment (DOLE) have  drafted  a Decent  Work Country  Program (DWCP) for  2018-2024.  The  overall thrust  of  the  DWCP is to promote  full and  productive decent work for  all Filipinos. The term “decent  work” has […]

Wanted: A Labor Code for all workers, not just for a segment of the labor force

By Rene Ofreneo – January 17, 2019 President Duterte recently signed  into  law the bill on “telecommuting”. Republic  Act No. 11165 recognizes the legitimacy of work from  home that  is voluntarily and  mutually agreed  upon by both the  employer and  the employee.  The  law specifies that the terms  and conditions in  a telecommuting  work arrangement, […]

ECOP-DOLE MOU: Start of an industrial upgrading process?

By Rene Ofreneo – January 3, 2019 The campaign of the trade union movement to end the “endo” practice of hiring workers on a short-term basis has not yet succeeded in prodding a reluctant Congress to pass a law formally outlawing the controversial “labor-only contracting” (LOC) system and abolishing all other forms of “contractualization”. Once the LOC  is […]

Changing configuration of Philippine  capitalism

By Rene Ofreneo – November 22, 2018 The above is the title  of a paper on the changing nature  of  capitalism in the  Philippines written by  Dr. Antoinette Raquiza of the  UP Asian Center (Philippine  Political Science  Journal, 2014).  It  is an inquiry on where  the  10  richest Filipinos, all named  in  the  Forbes’ billionaire  list, […]

Jobs or environment?

By Rene Ofreneo – October 11, 2018 Jobs or environment? The firm answer by environmental advocates is both. One can clean up the environment while preserving existing jobs or creating new and better ones. And yet, the public is told–by some economic technocrats or vested interest groups – that it is an either-or situation. For […]

Job adjustments under the technology revolution: What will the tripartite social partners do?

By Reneo Ofreneo – October 4, 2018 Apart from the Security of Tenure (SOT) bill pending in Congress, two other major labor reform proposals  await the government and its employer and union social partners. The first relates to the proposed law recognizing the right of workers in the huge informal  sector to form associations as […]