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Dondon Paderanga: The jolly, jesting economist

The death of Cayetano W. Paderanga, Jr., or Dondon, shocked his family, friends and colleagues. It was unexpected although his bypass surgery was critical. Dondon had the best of surgeons and the best of facilities. The doctors exerted their best, but their utmost effort came to naught. Life is so unpredictable. In our world, even […]

Celebrating life

At the start of the new year, I was surprised, but in an agreeable way, that two prominent public intellectuals wrote columns not about joy and hope but about life and death, suffering and grief. I refer to the columns of Randy David, “Time, lastingness, and gratitude” (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 3 January 2016) and Tony […]

ITIC-OE study on PH illicit cigarette trade, unreliable – AER

Press Release – 29 July 2014 Action for Economic Reforms (AER) refutes the claim of the International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC) and Oxford Economics (OE) that nearly P16 billion was lost in illicit cigarette trade in the Philippines, mainly causing the drop in legal domestic sales of cigarettes in 2013. The said ITIC-OE study […]

Love or confusion

My heart burns with feeling, but, My mind, it’s cold and reeling Is this love baby.. Or is it just confusion? You tell me baby, is this Love or confusion? Mama, we must get together and find out Exactly what we we’re tryin’ to do. Jimi Hendrix The President is facing his administration’s biggest challenge. […]

On Virgie and Jinggoy

A new video of controversial LT (Land Transportation Office) chief Virginia Torres playing a slot machine in one of the local casinos surfaced a day after an earlier and poorly shot video of her doing the same thing was uploaded on YouTube. The new video made her response to the original video sound like a […]