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Governance and Corruption in the Philippines

This paper is an exhaustive inquiry into key governance issues both at the level of national and local government as well. It views corruption in the Philippines as being systemic, as a historical and on-going phenomenon that incessantly ravages our country of valuable and scarce resources. Finally, it proposes new ways of thinking and acting […]

The President’s Budget for 2001: Depleted Economic Choices

For government to be able to function and fulfill the role assigned to it, it must collect sufficient resources and allocate and use those resources efficiently and effectively. In this regard, any assessment of the government budget cannot proceed without an implicit recognition of the integral relationship between revenue and expenditures, the two principal elements […]

Strategic Actions to Rapidly Ensure Food Security and Rural Growth in the Philippines

Outlined in this paper is a strategy whose successful implementation promises to secure not only adequate, cheaper food supplies, increased rural employment and incomes and reduced poverty for all, but also rapid and sustainable advances in urban and economy-wide growth. Food security means ensuring that food is affordable for all households particularly the poor urban […]

Beyond EDSA: Regaining the Reform Initiative

The nation and its leadership find ourselves in a precarious situation. Short-term threats and exigencies (e.g. Abu Sayyaf, destabilization efforts, natural calamities) continually preoccupy the government that is at the same time faced with the threat of an unraveling coalition that has, from the beginning, been the foundation of its support base. The seeming comeback […]