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Significant international pressure from an increasing number of policy makers is steadily mounting against the secrecy offered by tax havens, says Christian Aid following the G20 in Cannes. While the Eurocrisis took centre stage at the summit, a series of important developments in the campaign for tax justice that emerged at the same time went […]

Forum on Tax Justice

On 4 May 2011, a Forum on Tax Justice was held at the ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN People’s Forum 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The forum was organized by Action for Economic Reforms, Jubilee South/Asia-Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JSAPMDD), Christian Aid and Perkumpulan Prakarsa. The forum aimed to provide the basic principles of tax justice and an overview on […]

Southeast Asian Strategy Workshop on Tax Justice

On 21-22 March 2011, the Southeast Asian Strategy Workshop on Tax Justice was held at the Astoria Plaza Hotel in Pasig City. The workshop was organized by Action for Economic Reforms and Jubilee South/Asia-Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JSAPMDD) in cooperation with Christian Aid (CA). The organizers are part of the global project, “Towards Tax Justice”. The objectives of the workshop […]

Tax Advocacy Toolkit

While some pioneering civil society groups have long been campaigning for fairer tax systems, the critical role of tax in achieving development and social justice has often been neglected by civil society in the North and the South. For many, tax is a complex topic, best left to ‘experts’. But this need not be the case.

Tax may appear technical, but it is an issue too critical to bypass. Fair and effective tax collection is essential for raising the revenue to deliver services that citizens need. It is a powerful tool for redistributing wealth within society to address poverty and inequality. And tax is the glue that builds accountability of governments to their citizens.

The toolkit is not intended to be read from cover to cover in one sitting. It is designed to allow you to dip in and read the sections that are most relevant to your level of experience and knowledge, your interests and your context. We hope there’s some useful material here for everyone and that it inspires you to take forward, or start, your tax justice advocacy. Around the world, organisations and networks are demanding tax justice in growing numbers. Together we can create a sea change in tax policy that genuinely benefits those living in poverty and creates a more equitable distribution of resources, North and South.

Philippine Fiscal Incentives: A Note on Design, Administration, and Context

The main idea of this paper on Philippine Fiscal Incentives written by Cristina Morales-Alikpala, is that while fiscal incentives, in their current design, administration, and context, may have proven to be of little value when it comes to encouraging investments, the notion of providing effective subsidies to worthy investors should not altogether be abandoned.