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DOH, Docs to PTI: Our Flawed Sin Tax System Breeds a Smoking Epidemic

Press Release— Action for Economic Reforms— 18 May 2012 Those masking the urgency of extensive sin tax reforms do so at the peril of millions of Filipino smokers and their families, representatives from the DOH and the health sector stressed today. Against assertions of the Philippine Tobacco Institute (PTI), data on smoking in the Philippines […]

Approving HB 5727: The First Step to a People’s Victory

Press Statement – Action for Economic Reforms – May 10, 2012 For more than 15 years, the Philippines suffered from a fatally-flawed sin tax system for tobacco and alcohol products. The toll of these flaws has not only been in billions of pesos in foregone public revenues— they have been in millions of lives. At least […]

Tobacco sin tax revenues drop by 20% in 2011, highlights flaws in tax law— DOF, AER

Press Release— Action for Economic Reforms— 6 May 2012 Although Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation (PMFTC) has argued that reforming our excise levies on cigarettes would spur a free-fall in tax revenues, new data from the Department of Finance reveals that these already plummeted by 20% in 2011. According to the DOF, collections from sin […]

Shield the Poor from the Tobacco Timebomb, Approve the Sin Tax Bill— AER

Press Statement— Action for Economic Reforms— April 27, 2012   WHEN THE 15th Congress of the Philippines resumes on May 7, Action for Economic Reforms (AER) hopes that our lawmakers in the House of Representatives will take the interests of millions of poor Filipinos to heart by approving HB 5727— the Malacañang-sponsored sin tax reform […]

Medical Experts: Smoking Effects Even More Deadly, Sin Taxes Even More Necessary

Press Release— Action for Economic Reforms— April 23, 2012   THE PUFF that kills not only imperils a new generation of smokers. According to health specialists, recent medical studies have confirmed that the hazards of environmental tobacco smoke may even be more lethal and far-reaching than has normally been recognized. “In just the last few […]

Protect the Filipino youth from the perilous rise in smoking, youth groups urge lawmakers

Press Release— Action for Economic Reforms— March 19, 2012   THE NEWS that two out of five young Filipinos may have been regular smokers in 2011 has gotten youth groups up in arms against the country’s current tobacco tax regime. Distressed by smoking trends exposed by the National Youth Commission in a recent press conference, […]