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Public investment is one priority advocacy concern of AER. The advocacy aims to influence government spending priorities and to develop a public investment strategy that puts a premium on human development and poverty eradication. AER’s advocacy initiatives focus on financing and equity issues in the social services sector, specifically, education, health and social protection. This section monitors some of the most critical aspects of Philippine education: 1) Performance; 2) Financing; and 3) Official Development Assistance. It aims to generate interest and initiate a discussion to help in formulating a reform agenda for the education sector. AER actively supports the global “Education for All” (EFA) Campaign. AER is one of the convenors of Social Watch Philippines and is a member of the Education Network or E-Net Philippines. E-Net is a national network of over a hundred civil society organizations engaged in education and related advocacy work.

ODA Flows for the Education Sector

ODA for education represents only a small portion of total foreign aid to the Philippines. The bulk went to infrastructure support with a 60% share while agri-industrial development got a 22% share. In comparison, human development services (including education) got a share of only 12%. Japan remains the largest donor (45%) with the multilateral financial […]

Financing Education: Trends and Prospects

The paper presents an analysis of public expenditure patterns over the last four decades, showing how changing priorities of different administrations impact heavily on education spending. While allocation for education has grown tremendously over the years, real per capita spending has actually stagnated.