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Presentation on Coherence at the International Conference on Financing for Development

This paper briefly tackles the main points on coherence contributed by AER during roundtable discussion at the International Conference on Financing for Development. It begins to describe coherence as associated with consistency and integrity of policies while at the same time, allows flexibility and resists rigidity. The paper then asserts that coherence does not assume […]

The CODE-NGO PEACE Bonds: A Case of Impermissible Rent-Seeking

Much heat has been generated by the national government’s issuance of the PEACE Bonds that resulted in the transfer of PhP1.4 billion to the Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO). For one, an esteemed colleague in the human development advocacy, Solita Collas-Monsod, has written that the critics’ accusation of cupidity or stupidity against ” everyone involved [with the PEACE Bonds]…reflects on their ignorance, or envy, or political opportunism.”

But a good number of critics are not the ignorant, envious and opportunist type. Our opposition to the PEACE Bonds stems from a cold analysis that CODE-NGO was engaged in impermissible rent-seeking to obtain the PhP1.4 billion.

Defining Rent-Seeking

The principal theorists on rent-seeking (J.M. Buchanan, R. Tollison, and G. Tullock) define it as “the resource-wasting activities of individuals in seeking transfers of wealth through the aegis of the state.” Similarly, R.B. Ekelund and Tollison describe rent-seeking as “activities whereby individuals seek returns from state-sanctioned monopoly rights.” Tullock views rent-seeking as “the activity of setting a monopoly or getting some other government favor.”

The Move To Shift To Gross Income Tax: Wrong Timing

This paper was presented at the Forum on the Macapagal-Arroyo Tax Reform Program organized by Action for Economic Reforms and the Human Development Network and held on 22 October 2001. The paper asserts that the proposed shift to gross income tax does not address the pressing problems of the moment, specifically, a slipping BIR tax […]

Restructuring the Electricity Industry: Competition, Regulation and Distribution Issues…

The economy-wide impact of the restructuring of electricity industry makes it an important area for continuing study. This paper looks into the proposed restructuring of the electricity industry, to be accomplished through legal reform, from three perspectives. First, the paper examines the restructuring from the standpoint of the legal conception of the government-nongovernment distinction obtaining […]