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At a time when accusations of cowardice are flying around, it’s good to find out who are truly courageous.

The New Hampshire Gazette is America’s oldest newspaper. The Gazette investigated the military backgrounds of Bush and his war party and discovered that all of his top war planners, with the exception of Colin Powell and Richard Armitage, were chickenhawks.

An Alternative View on Investment Climate

The latest buzzword in the multilateral agency scene, particularly the
World Bank, is “investment climate.” In March 2001, then Chief
Economist of the Bank, Nicholas Stern, identified the task of improving investment climate as “the central challenge in reaping benefits from globalization.” By the next year, the Bank, through its Private Sector Development Strategy program, embarked on surveys and assessments of investment climate conditions in most countries. Today, the World Bank is set to release the World Development Report 2005, (WDR2005) preliminarily entitled “A Better Investment Climate – For Everyone,” by September 2004.

Revisiting an Old Issue: Does Population Matter?

To this day, the issue of why and how population matters remains
crucial for this country. Given its soft state and hard church, the
Philippines has neglected the population problem, practically just
sweeping it under the rug. Consequently, it now finds itself virtually
alone among middle-income developing countries as not having made any significant demographic transition. And it finds itself having to
debate an issue that is passé for most of developing Asia, including
such less developed countries as Bangladesh and India.

Beheadings and tortilla chips

Al Qaeda forces, or at least the men behind the masks, are on a
beheading spree. They believe they can win the war by decapitating
their enemies.

The Americans, on the other hand, have a different approach to fighting wars. They believe they can win by handing over formal sovereignty to the Iraqis.

Before handing over formal sovereignty to Iraq, L. Paul Bremmer, the
American proconsul, took steps to ensure that a eunuch would rise from the ashes of the old Iraq.

The Global Insurgency

An insurgent is anyone who rises against “established authority”.
Insurgents can be Benigno Aquino, Nelson Mandela, or George Washington and “established authority” can be despicable regimes like Marcos, apartheid, or King George. Insurgents can also be Iraqis who simply don’t want an occupied Iraq. So, what is “global insurgency”? Those who disagree with the American war frame?