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A wake-up call to the moral majority

Almost 60% of our countrymen believe GMA cheated in the last elections, according to the latest Social Weather Stations survey. It’s easy to see why.

If you listen to the conversations or read the transcript of the tapes, you can only come to one conclusion. And if you consider the fact that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) appointed Virgilio Garcillano as COMELEC commissioner, in spite of his notoriety as an “operator” (one who is known to engineer wide-scale cheating), you can only conclude that there was pre-meditated cheating.

For the sake of its volunteers, Namfrel should respond

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo finally admitted last June 27 talking to “a Comelec official” about the 2004 election counting. Everybody presumes the official to be Virgilio Garcillano, but GMA has withheld his identity and avoided referring directly to the wiretaps, therefore cunningly retaining deniability.

Let the dead rest in peace

The great American writer Jimmy Breslin once wrote an article called “He molests the dead.” It was about George W. Bush using the badge of a Port Authority cop who died in the World Trade Center as a campaign prop.

Not to be outdone by Bush, Mrs. Arroyo compared herself to Benigno Aquino, Jr. She said, “Ninoy paid with his own life. And from undergoing assaults on my character, I feel humbled because they are assassinating my character as they have assassinated Ninoy. And this humbles me, and it should humble us.”

An Exhausted Citizenry

For the Filipina balikbayan I met on the Bangkok-Manila flight, she would not let the different layers of crisis shaking the foundations of Philippine society dampen her visit. Her attachment to the Philippines is confined to her family. She had made a political and economic decision, which was to leave the country.

Sadly, more and more Filipinos are taking this option of least resistance.

On being wholesome and MTRCB

My favorite blogger posted a comment about a popular TV personality who had taken to endorsing men’s underwear. He was disturbed because the popular product endorser called himself “wholesome.” He thought it was unwholesome for anybody to call himself wholesome. I was disturbed, too. Actually, quite disturbed, but for a different reason. I was bothered by the fact that somebody wholesome was advising me on what underwear to use.

If I remembered correctly, the word wholesome refers to healthy, neat, clean-cut boys and well-scrubbed girls. Wholesomeness reminds me of nice things. It brings to mind people with drop-dead good looks and missing body parts, like Ken and Barbie dolls.

Corporate governance in the banking sector

The issue of corporate governance in the finance sector is again in the limelight. In the pre-need industry, two corporations – the College Assurance Plans and Pacific Plans, Inc. – are in deep crisis, with their liquid assets deficient to cover current open-ended plans. Questions on transparency have been raised regarding the conduct of these firms.