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Fixing unfairness of incentives and more in TRAIN 2

Yellow Pad By Karla Michelle Yu   In our engagement with the private sector with regard to the second package of the comprehensive tax reform, I often hear a similar view from the businessmen: “Of course, we support the rationalization of fiscal incentives, of course we support leveling the playing field, but given our different […]

The Supreme Court: A dictator?

Yellow Pad By Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III The majority of the Supreme Court Justices are turning the Court into a dictator. They are making the Supreme Court the absolute ruler. We must pay attention to two developments that signify the Supreme Court’s transmutation to a dictatorship dressed in judicial garb. The first development is […]

The Crucifixion

Yellow Pad By Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III The crucifixion of Jesus Christ has an immediate relevance to present-day Philippines — the war on drugs, criminality, terrorism, and killings. Why was Jesus crucified? He was heretical and unconventional. He spread revolutionary teachings. He upended the establishment. Today, Jesus would have been branded a terrorist, a […]

Sereno’s removal does not serve Duterte’s interest

Yellow Pad By Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III I address this to the pro-Duterte partisans and to President Rodrigo Duterte himself. I wonder whether President Duterte has weighed the costs and benefits of having Maria Lourdes Sereno removed as Supreme Court Chief Justice. Methinks Chief Justice Sereno’s ouster is not for Duterte’s good. Why? First, […]