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Sympathy for Health Secretary Ona

HEALTH Secretary Ike Ona has taken forced leave to give him the time to answer the charges against him. Allegedly, Secretary Ona committed an irregularity in purchasing vaccines that were not cost-effective. Newspapers also reported that Secretary Ona is being criticized for additional funding for the renovation of the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM) […]

Grace from heaven, please heed our call

 THE “FIRST LEAVES of political spring are upon us” and of late we have the unacknowledged “Oplan Stop Nognog” that’s reminding us that the unofficial campaign period has started in earnest. That makes our electoral exercise the longest in the world, a similar honor we already owe to our four-month observance of the Christmas season. […]

Remember Yolanda’s lessons

ALL SOULS’ DAY will be different this year for those who lost relatives and friends when typhoon Yolanda battered the Philippines on Nov. 8 last year. It will also be difficult because for those who have survived, daily living has become a struggle: a struggle for food, sanitation and privacy.  One year since Yolanda, thousands […]

Stubbing out a costly addiction

WHOEVER SAYS that quitters never win should think twice when it comes to quitting smoking. The 2013 National Nutrition and Health Survey (NNHeS) reveals there were 3.2 million fewer Filipinos smoking after the passage of the Sin Tax Law, averting about 32,000 smoking-related deaths and billions worth of economic burden. In a series of focus […]

Retirement planning, the ‘boy scout’ way

EVER WONDERED why Vice-President Jejomar Binay has kept a 20-year hold on the presidency of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP)? Yes, there’s the political advantage of being at the helm of a two-million-member organization. But there could be more to it than that.  A recent report by a major daily said, “Vice-President Jejomar […]

V-P Binay must quit

VICE-PRESIDENT Jejomar Binay is accused of corruption that even his natural constituency, the masa, can no longer dismiss. The series of exposés, made credible by a whistleblower who was once the most trusted by the capo di tutti capi, has led a growing number of the masa to reject or at least question their favorite […]