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Hope and change

Yellow Pad By Clarissa Villegas Several years ago, I, a starry-eyed millennial, had a chance to visit South Africa. It was a learning experience. Then, I would have fumed at the Nelson Mandela’s choice of giving up his revolutionary life and living according to his party’s tenets, and allowing his party to engage in traditional […]

Resilience and heart

Yellow Pad By Karla Michelle Yu   This entire story about a series of tobacco tax increases was triggered by House Bill (HB) 4144, which the pro-tobacco House leadership hastily approved in late 2016. This bill wanted to increase the then unitary rate of PHP 30 per pack to a dual-tier rate of PHP 32 […]

Policy continuity

Yellow Pad By Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III   Does anyone remember the debates during the presidential elections in 2016? In one debate, then candidate Digong Duterte was asked about his economic platform. His answer was that he’d copy the economic platform of the other candidates. That sounded laughable or ridiculous. But come to think […]

Pass the tobacco tax

Yellow Pad By Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III   The Philippine Congress, particularly the Senate, has a handful of days left to pass important legislation. One of the urgent bills that the Senate should pass is the increase in the tobacco tax rate. The Executive has strongly endorsed the bill of Senator Manny Pacquiao and […]

Election outcome

Yellow Pad By Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III   The Duterte administration won big in the midterm elections. Although the full tally still has to be completed, with 94.39% of voters already accounted for, the likelihood is that the opposition will suffer a shutout in the senatorial elections. The lone opposition candidate who still has […]

A taste of the Alternative Learning System

Yellow Pad By Krupskaya M. Añonuevo Imagine being at a high school one sunny Saturday in March. Instead of being surrounded by restless sulking teenagers, you are surrounded by adolescent and adult learners who are smiling shyly and who look happy to be there. There is some nervous energy as there are visitors to observe […]