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James Soriano and his wang-wang

Dear James,

I hate to disappoint you but English is just another means to communicate with other humans. English is not a magic potion, speaking it does not endow you with special powers. When you speak English in English-speaking countries you are just like everyone else there. And when you speak it in countries where they don’t speak English… well you will be different. And different is not the same as special.

What the Church does not need

Question: What is worse than Mideo Cruz sticking a penis on Christ’s face?
Answer: A Catholic priest sticking his penis into an unwilling minor.
Question: What could be worse than that?
Answer: A bishop sticks his nose in and offers protection to the erring priest. (No pun intended.)

Tracing ownership of those controversial choppers, Act 2: Iggy throws a Curve Ball

Act One ended with Mike telling Archie of Lionair that Rowena, the LTA bookkeeper, is the real owner of the Robinson Raven helicopters.

In Act Two, Mike’s younger brother, Iggy, issues a statement from London claiming that the Ravens belong to Lionair. Iggy’s lawyer, document specialist Andresito, produces an aircraft lease agreement between LTA and Lionair.

Sorting out ownership of those controversial choppers

“One and one is two, and two and two is four, and five will get you ten if you know how to work it.” – Mae West

If you are trying to hide something, one good rule to observe is not to leave tracks. But you have to know how to work it. You have to know the difference between not leaving tracks and covering them up, between forethought and afterthought.