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Trade-off: Giving up peace for Marwan

Trade-off: “The giving up of one desired objective in order to attain another, when both cannot be achieved at the same time.” (The Free Dictionary) In his economics textbook Principles of Economics and other writings, the accessible Harvard economics professor N. Gregory Mankiw says everyone faces trade-offs. The metaphor frequently used by economists is: “There […]

The fatal theory of leaky AFP

 A deadly misstep stems from a wrong assumption. We hear the same wisdom from barbershop sages when they warn us in the vernacular, marami ang namamatay sa maling akala. Lately, somebody failed to take heed and the toll was 67 dead, in Mamasapano. After reading the report of the Board of Inquiry (BOI), the fact-finding […]

Reforming fiscal incentives

ONE of the first legislative measures that the PNoy administration submitted to Congress — in fact, a priority bill that the President mentioned in his State of the Nation Address — was the rationalization of fiscal incentives.

That was in 2010. Today, nearly five years after and a year before the President’s term ends, a good bill on rationalizing fiscal incentives is nowhere to be found. Worse, and this affects not only the rationalization of fiscal incentives but other equally important legislative reforms, the prospect of success in passing such bills is getting gloomy as PNoy’s political capital has vastly diminished in the wake of the Mamasapano debacle.