Duterte plays a tired naughty game

By now, we should realize that President Rodrigo Duterte’s angry and shocking words are not to be taken literally. Time and again, he has issued statements that are jokes or exaggerations. Riding a jet ski to the Spratlys to plant the Philippine flag? Slaughtering three million people? My foot! Yet, the netizens and the media, […]

Partnerships vs poverty

A storm is raging as we enter the last quarter of 2016. A stormy Christmas ahead? The unabated killings arising from the war on drugs. The ranting on the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations. The muckraking in the chambers of Congress. The loud threat of the House Speaker to scuttle the […]

The virtues of the Sin Tax Law retold

The story about the sin tax reform experience has a familiar ring to it: the tale of the universe conspiring to make a good idea happen. Indeed it happened, and it happened in a hurry. In the House of Representatives, the proposed measure carried its unique identifier, House Bill No. 5727, entitled, “An act restructuring […]

Readings from the Godfather: Reading Duterte

Filipinos are sharply divided over Rodrigo Duterte. They like him or they hate him. He is either one’s friend or foe, a paladin or a fiend. I myself am perplexed. Some friends and relatives call him crazy, a madman. But can a madman likewise be clever and, for that matter, be intelligent? An indicator of […]

Jose Maria Sison’s malicious words

My initial intention was to write about the appointment of radical personalities associated with the Communist Party-led National Democratic Front (NDF) in the Rodrigo Duterte Cabinet. Such is a bold, risky, and controversial act. My tentative assessment is that while it may create uncertainties and surprises in the short term, it can pay off strategically […]

AmBisyon Natin 2040

AmBisyon is actually a word play that combines two meanings, namely ambition and vision. Thus it is about the realization of the ambition and vision of Pinoys by 2040. AmBisyon 2040 is a continuing project with a long-term view, drawn from what people aspire in the next 25 years. It can thus serve as a […]

The ripe moment to break a mutually hurting stalemate

Arguably, the promise of peace and the explicit message to deal with the CPP-NPA (Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army) and the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) lent public endearment to the Duterte campaign. Compare that to the non-committal or fuzzy stance of other presidential candidates. Or worse, Mar Roxas unabashedly branded the NPA […]