A response to Winnie Monsod

Winnie Monsod’s recent series of Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) columns on the tax reform bill (House Bill 5636 or TRAIN, which stands for Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion) has stirred debate. The position of Action for Economic Reforms, Foundation for Economic Freedom and like-minded groups is that despite the bill’s imperfection (legislation of a […]

Tax Reform Bill: A Big Advance

The House of Representatives has finally passed on third reading the first package of the comprehensive tax reform program called TRAIN (which stands for Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion). Those earnestly advocating TRAIN thought that the bill would be badly compromised. Vested interests inside and outside the House opposed it. Particularly hard to pass […]

House approval of tax reform lauded; opposition to tax reforms anti-poor

House approval of tax reform lauded; Opposition to tax reforms is anti-poor – civil society group   Action for Economic Reforms (AER), a policy advocacy group, lauds the members of the House of Representatives for passing on third reading the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN).   According to AER, House Bill 5636 adopts […]

Update on the FOI Legislative Battle

AER was present in all major FOI-related congressional activities, serving as resource person and representative of the R2KRN Coalition. In the Senate, it was present during the two committee hearings (September 19 and 29).. AER documented and helped organize and mobilize contingents for these events. Last October 19, the bill was sponsored in the senate […]

FOI Practice Workshop for CSOs and Civil Servants

Organized by PCIJ and R2KRN, this August 19-20, 2016 activity discussed the findings from the first round of FOI practice, and how these can be integrated in the FOI manual; modules on how to work on the FOI manual and engage with executive departments; and planning (timelines and outputs). From the WS, different Working Groups […]