The virtues of the Sin Tax Law retold

The story about the sin tax reform experience has a familiar ring to it: the tale of the universe conspiring to make a good idea happen. Indeed it happened, and it happened in a hurry. In the House of Representatives, the proposed measure carried its unique identifier, House Bill No. 5727, entitled, “An act restructuring […]

Readings from the Godfather: Reading Duterte

Filipinos are sharply divided over Rodrigo Duterte. They like him or they hate him. He is either one’s friend or foe, a paladin or a fiend. I myself am perplexed. Some friends and relatives call him crazy, a madman. But can a madman likewise be clever and, for that matter, be intelligent? An indicator of […]

Jose Maria Sison’s malicious words

My initial intention was to write about the appointment of radical personalities associated with the Communist Party-led National Democratic Front (NDF) in the Rodrigo Duterte Cabinet. Such is a bold, risky, and controversial act. My tentative assessment is that while it may create uncertainties and surprises in the short term, it can pay off strategically […]

AmBisyon Natin 2040

AmBisyon is actually a word play that combines two meanings, namely ambition and vision. Thus it is about the realization of the ambition and vision of Pinoys by 2040. AmBisyon 2040 is a continuing project with a long-term view, drawn from what people aspire in the next 25 years. It can thus serve as a […]

The ripe moment to break a mutually hurting stalemate

Arguably, the promise of peace and the explicit message to deal with the CPP-NPA (Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army) and the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) lent public endearment to the Duterte campaign. Compare that to the non-committal or fuzzy stance of other presidential candidates. Or worse, Mar Roxas unabashedly branded the NPA […]

Takeaways from an important political transition

Few transitions are as momentous as our national elections. The just-concluded 2016 electoral process and ongoing political transition undoubtedly provide us with many reflection points that can be invaluable in making this a fruitful transition in the work of nation-building. That is, if we pay sufficient attention. Reflection however is only done fruitfully if done […]

The Rolling Stones and Rody

A friend remarked that I am a die-hard fan of the Rolling Stones. He based his observation on a recent comment and several photos I posted on Facebook. Since my wife Mae’s passing in end-August 2015, I have done some traveling. One destination at the top of my wish list is Cuba. It’s high time […]